The Meeting

Fresh Air Sculpture 2022

Installation by Claire Malet

Soundscape by Alex Hale

Listen here to The Meeting: Code Red by Alex Hale, a powerful immersive 12 minute soundscape built around three key speeches about climate change: Margaret Thatcher speaking at the UN General Assembly 1989, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, aged 12,  speaking for ECO at the UN Conference on Environment and Development, Rio 1992 and Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados speaking at COP26 the UN Climate Change Conference, Glasgow 2021. Best experienced through headphones.


Into the Forest

Manchester Art Fair 2019

Claire Malet – Sculptor & Silversmith
Barrie Watts – Fine Art Photographer & Printmaker
Alex Hale – Sound Artist & Producer

Listen here to Into the Forest by Alex Hale: An immersive soundscape composed using a palette of sounds recorded in woodland. This explorative piece takes the listener to the heights of the whispering canopy and deep among the roots of the forest floor, a dream-like world rich in audio texture and dimension; at times a welcoming place at others slightly unnerving – what was that noise? Best experienced through headphones.