Environment & Ethics

My subject matter is the natural world, and our relationship with it; the materials I use are chosen and combined to evoke and explore that relationship. Central to my practice is to work in as an environmentally and ethically responsible way as possible. This is an ongoing process.

Studio practice includes:

  • Energy supplier: Octopus, 100% renewable
  • Silver: As of 2019 100% recycled
  • Gold: Fairtrade
  • Gold leaf: Conflict free certification
  • Other metals and materials: Recycled, ‘found’, natural, responsibly sourced
  • Chemicals: non-toxic, minimal use, responsible disposal
  • Packaging: bio-degradable, recyclable
  • Transport: carbon neutral couriers

I am a signatory to the objectives of Culture Declares Emergency

Woodland Trust Logo
Marine Conservation Society Logo

I support the Woodland Trust and the Marine Conservation Society. 5% of each direct sale or commission is passed to these charities.